My Story

Kate O'Malley Founder, Bangle Stacker

My name is Kate OMalley.  I am the inventor of The Bangle Stacker.  I came up with the idea of the Bangle Stacker after becoming frustrated and tired of my cluttered jewelry all over my dresser.  
My jewelry box was too small, and my jewelry drawer was too disorganized. 
So, I decided to fix this problem. I grabbed one of my kids plastic plates, 2 toilet paper rolls, golf tees, and some duct tape. I taped the toilet paper rolls and golf tees onto the plate... and voila.  It worked like a charm, my bracelets were neatly stacked on the posts, my rings were also out and most importantly, visible.  
My daughter was in my room one day and asked “Where did you get that?”,  referring to my new jewelry tray. 
I told her I made it, and she asked if I could make her one for her jewelry.  My sister came to my house one day, and noticed the tray as well, she also asked if she could have one. I knew I was onto something.


I found an engineer to help with prototypes and secured a manufacturer. 

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